Get Assistance from a Family Attorney Near Fairview Park, OH, and the Surrounding Areas

Do you need assistance with a family law case? Have you been accused of committing a crime and need someone who can defend you? Want assistance filing for bankruptcy? If so, then consider contacting a qualified attorney near Fairview Park, OH. At Bartos & Company, we can assist with a range of different case types. Partner with an attorney from our firm to get help with family law, criminal defense, and more.

Receive Assistance with a Variety of Different Case Types

At Bartos & Company, we’re prepared to assist with several different case types, including:


  • Family Law: Trying to navigate the field of family law can be difficult. A family law attorney can assist you with child custody, divorce, and other cases.
  • Criminal Defense: Being convicted of a crime can result in lifelong consequences. Partner with a criminal defense attorney to defend yourself.
  • Bankruptcy: Have you started to feel overwhelmed by debt? Then consider contacting a qualified bankruptcy attorney for assistance.
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Call Today to Learn More

When you need a lawyer to assist with divorce, child support, spousal support, or other cases, we can assist you. If you’re near Fairview Park, OH, then consider contacting us for your free initial consultation.

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